BFA: Vacant and Abandoned on Swinburne Street

A few months ago when I was assisting with a survey of all the vacant homes and abandoned lots in the neighborhood, I was struck by the number of homes vacant or abandoned on Swinburne Street…particularly the number between Broadway and Ashley.

Yesterday, I took photos of each.


Swinburne Street also is home to Saint John Kanty Church and its former school.

The stark contrast between having a beautiful church in the midst of these types of properties is odd the say the least.

[click here to see full view of photos]

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UPDATE:  I should have posted this link to my thoughts on vacant and abandoned problem in Buffalo.  Here it is

3 thoughts on “BFA: Vacant and Abandoned on Swinburne Street

  1. this is the street on which i grew up with my family and my paternal grandparents … it now looks worse than Nagasaki … i guess some people don’t know what responsibilies are required of a homeowner …

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