10-4 Good Buddy


Some Twitter ids and blog names are reminding me more and more of 70s and 80s era CB handles…gives credence to the phrase what is old is new again…CB was/is definitely social media.

Think about…CB radio had its own lingo…so do blogs and twitter…it all makes sense.

By the way, my father (rip) was a big CB guy…his handle…Jungle Tom…my dad worked at the Buffalo Zoo and the name came out of that.  He would always take me or my brothers to CB breaks which were much like 2000s version Tweet Ups.  He also had these souped up CB rigs that pushed way more wattage than FCC regs stipilated…it would allow him to communicate with people in far away places…the souped up rig would also wreak havoc on neighbor’s TV and stereo equipment.

And of course I had my own CB handle…Tarzan…keeping with the jungle theme.

10-4 good buddy…

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