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Lindy Ruff & Ryan Miller updating Miller’s status… (From WBEN)

As seems to be the case anytime someone has an injury with the Sabres or the NHL for that matter, not much light was shed on exactly how long Ryan Miller will be out of the lineup..

We can only hope that is a short amount of indefinitely instead of a long amount of indefinitely.

That leaves us with Patrick Lalime between the pipes.  Am I worried, sure.  Ryan Miller has been playing great for most of 2009. 

But…what can you do?  Lalime has looked both good and bad this year in the blue and gold.  I don’t think the Sabres are going to panic and make a trade for another goalie and I don’t think they should…at least not now.  If Miller doesn’t show signs of healing soon, they may bring another man behind the mask before the trade dealine. 

Lalime has the opportunity to shine now…let’s hope with the extra playing time and more attention in practice, he gets in a zone.  His career hasn’t been too shabby.

The team also has the op to shine as well in Miller’s absence.  You have to think that the rest of the team hearing the doom and gloom surrounding the injury and the prospect of the Sabres playoff chances going down the tubes with it has to be motivation for the team.

Makes for some interesting hockey coming up for the Sabres…


5 thoughts on “La, La, La, La, La, La, La, Lalime

  1. Lalime will be fine…whoever is in goal, the Sabres better get tougher on anyone who buzzes the goalie…playoffs are going to be even nastier. Now is a good time to start changing our soft game.

  2. I think the Sabres are going to give Miller’s ankle through the weekend to see where he is at before they pull a deal…if it looks like he will be back within two weeks, I don’t know if they would pull the lever…this does make the impending trade deadline very intriguing…

  3. good job on the site man, I grew up on the East side by Kantys on Koons.
    just got back in town. Enjoy reading your stuff.

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