Sabres still winless in Miller’s absence

My biggest fear about heading into March with this current version of the Sabres was to have them fighting for one of the last playoff spots in the Eastern Conference.  Well, the Sabres are exactly in that predicament.

March will definitely make for some intense hockey for us Buffalo fans, but unless they can snap out of this recent Millerless funk, the Sabres may be on the outside looking in come April.

The worst part about this current winless streak is that Lalime hasn’t played bad at all in Miller’s absence.  They just haven’t been able to find the net…again tonight Buffalo had their chances, but couldn’t put anything past the Islander’s Danis as his got the shutout in the Isle’s 2-0 win

I won’t get into the trade rumors I have been reading on the web…hockey trade rumors are about as reliable early 1990s Hyundai Excels.  The Sabres I think do need to something to shake things up a bit.  Their play while Miller has been out has been very disappointing.  Buffalo also finished 5-n-8 in February.

Like I said…March should be very interesting…let’s hope they can get it together.

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