Let them eat TOAST!

To be honest, I don’t care how much New York’s top man spends on a toaster…that is as long as it isn’t with my money.

$199.oo for a four slice toaster seems a bit RIDICULOUS

Heck, there are people in this state that can hardly afford to put bread on the table.

Also…$832 for sheets, quilts, shower curtains and lamps from Pottery Barn.

The political class = the privileged class…

4 thoughts on “Let them eat TOAST!

  1. My first thought when I heard this story on the radio was that he probably used the money to make the mansion easier to live in with his handicap. Then I got pissed when I heard about the $200 toaster. That’s despicable!!!

  2. The only thing I can think of, and what comes to mind right away is that it has some braille on it? Maybe for the lighter darker settings ? Still, those are only raised bumps, not like it reaches and does it all it’s self. Maybe it has a remote control? đŸ˜€

  3. Originally I thought when I heard on the radio, I thought this was in relationship to his disability…NOT!

    I understand that the top job comes with perks, but it as with most of government’s wasteful spending is ridiculous.

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