Seriously take two…

…you would think that the governor of our fair state would have clue as to where the never ending Bass Pro saga stands when he goes on WBEN for an interview…but no…we get this.

Governor David Paterson says the failing state economy could mean less subsidy for various development projects across New York state, and that economic reforms could mean that prospects for a Bass Pro store in downtown Buffalo are “bleaker than it was,”


I can only imagine the collective jaws dropping around WNY when he uttered that statement…especially the jaws of the people part the ECHDC.

The governor later changed his tune, but it makes you wonder about how much both Buffalo and WNY on his radar screen.

Maybe he hasn’t figured out how to make toast yet

2 thoughts on “Seriously take two…

  1. Though I am skeptical Bass Pro will ever open its doors and thought maybe it was a Freudian slip by the gov, it was just too much.

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