BFA: Time to stimulate the Central Terminal?

Ever since it was revealed that high-speed rail investment was going to be part of the federal government’s stimulus package, Rep. Louise M. Slaughter, D-Fairport, whose congressional district includes most of B-F, has been hard at work ensuring New York will receive its fair share to help create high-speed rail service between WNY and Albany.

Yesterday, Governor Paterson unveiled a $10.7 billion plan for the same, Though the concept is in its infancy, there has been some talk of having the Buffalo Central Terminal play a part in the development.

I won’t speak for the CTRC and will let them make their own statements as to how far along such talks are, but I have been holding off writing about it and since it has made its way into the local media and internet realm, I will add my two cents.

The Central Terminal would make a glorious hub for the western side of New York’s high-speed rail service…the complex obviously has the space, the rail access and its history as a transportation center for WNY. Over the years, there have been a lot numbers tossed out as to the cost of an overhaul of the Terminal, it ain’t going to be cheap. The timing may just be right to take advantage of dollars and right a serious wrong…the building and complex deserve no less. What a grand sight it would be to have visitors to our fair city welcomed by the Terminal…my heart goes pitter-patter at the thought.

The CTRC has done an amazing job over the years at bringing the building back into the consciousness of WNYers. I wrote late last week about how the buidling inspires people into action. With that in mind, I will defer to our BFA friends at the Terminal as to any course of action they would want us, the believers in all things B-F, to take to advocate for such a project.


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