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For the third year in a row on Holy Thursday, B-F-A has put together a self-guided tour of seven historic churches in the Broadway-Fillmore area partaking in the traditional visitation of the Blessed Sacrament on this holy night.

The visitation period generally begins after 7:00 pm and the churches remain open till around 11:00 pm.

The churches include…Corpus Christi, Saint Adalbert Basilica, Saint Stanislaus, Saint Luke’s, Saint John Kanty, Saint Ann’s and Saint Clare’s.

In our first year, we had about 50 requests for the tour info. Last year the number rose to over 400.

The churches in Buffalo’s historic Polonia are awe inspiring and are deeply rooted in tradition…this is a way to experience their religious, artistic and cultural beauty while spending some time in prayer and reflection in this most sacred time of the year.

[click here to download brochure – pdf]

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  1. Tell the churches to stay open so that those of us who wish to visit all seven churches can do so. Last year, some of the churches closed early and thus did not permit a visit. It was as if some of the the churches did not know that the seven church visit event was occurring.

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