Any more Artemis and the Stag sculptures in the closet?

If so, the Albright-Knox better start polishing it up.

If you recall, the gallery sold off the above sculpture for a cool $28.6 mil a couple of years ago.

Unfortunately, during tough economic times the arts and culturals suffer.


Gallery Director Louis Grachos says these are temporary measures to offset the impact of the poor economy and protect the future of the institution.

“This time of year, especially around the Memorial Day holiday, is traditionally one of our more lightly visited periods,” Grachos said. “We hope this measure will be the least disruptive for our patrons and at the same time will allow us to capture some essential savings for our budget.”

Grachos says the Gallery has suffered a 20 percent drop in charitable giving and a 21 percent loss of value in the operating endowment. He says he believes this is the first time in the Gallery’s history that it’s had to close for fiscal reasons.

Arts and culturals aren’t the only ones to suffer…not-for-profits all over the board are feeling the pinch as people have scaled back and become more selective with their charitable dollars.

The BPO is feeling the pinch too.

One thought on “Any more Artemis and the Stag sculptures in the closet?

  1. Many long time contributors have stopped contributing to the Albright because they are upset over the sale of our classics and the total displacement of our classics with modernism.

    I think that now is the time for those among us who supported the sale of the classics to step up and stand strong by increasing donations to compensate for the disenfranchised.

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