Pelosi tortured


Having solid intelligent conversation and debate over what constitutes torture and how people in the custody of any entity of the United States are treated is one thing, but as is the usual with our wonderful leaders in Washington, the debate isn’t really about torture…it turns into what is politically expedient for either the Democrats or Republicans.

A lot of people on the Dem side of things in Washington have been salivating at the opportunity to really stick it to the former White House administration on their support of waterboarding and other forms of torture.

Leading the charge in Washington from the Dem side is none other than Nancy Pelosi.

The funny thing about Pelosi is that she was for torture before she was against it.  Back in 2002, when Pelosi was part of the House Select Committee on Intelligence, she was one of the few people in da House briefed by the CIA on interrogation techniques…this included waterboarding

See, back in 2002, it was hip to be on the side of the war on terror and defending the homeland for Washington politicos…being the political animal she is, Pelosi was right there wearing here flag on her lapel.

Fast forward a few years…it became hip to be all down on former President Bush and his buddies for many things, torture included…Madame Speaker was right there…the politics of changed, so did Pelosi.

Pelosi of course is denial and in damage control…of course you just know she is full of it.

If she was for it before whe was against it, Pelosi essentially is no better than the people she is out to run through the mill now.   Her credibility is awesome.

Again Washington shows it ain’t neccessaily about what is wrong or right…

As a side note, I like Obama’s position on torture in that America has to be above such things.

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