Hey I am Polish and grew up in Buffalo’s historic Polonia…

AM-POL Eagle Citizens of the Year…

National – Anthony Bajdek
Sports – Jennifer Stuczynski
Law – Judge Michael Pietruszka
Religion – Father Anzelm Chalupka
Individual in Organizations – Florence Oleszek
Youth – Corinne Lasek
Politics – Scott Bylewski
Music – Jerry Darlak and the Touch
Military/Veteran – Jozefa Solecka, Krystyna Pienkowska, and Alfreda Miecyjak
Media – Chris Byrd
Heritage – The Polish Heritage Dancers of WNY
Health/Medicine – Dr. Kevin Cichocki
Government – Catherine Rybczynski
Education – Fr. Charles Jagodzinski, OFM Conv.
Culture – Andy Golebiowski
Community Leader (non-Pole) – Mary Holland
Community Organization – Harmony Polish Folk Ensemble
Business – Mazurek Bakery
Art & Drama – The Production of Flis by the Chopin Singing Society

In about twelve hours…I am going to be sitting in a room full of people gathered to honor the AM-POL Eagle’s Citizens of the Year.

I look at the list of people and can’t believe I am being honored along with them.

My Polish heritage is something I have always been proud of…I am also proud of my East Side Buffalo heritage…using my God given talents to help my old neighborhood is a labor of love…my ancestors came to America with hope of a better life…they poured their hearts into Buffalo’s East Side…what I do and how I do it is to honor them.

In my heart of hearts, I know the neighborhood will never be the neighborhood I grew up in, but I do know that its past should never be forgotten and that elements of it can be part of its future.

There are times I wonder what the heck am I doing or if I am making a difference…this award tells me that I am.

6 thoughts on “Hey I am Polish and grew up in Buffalo’s historic Polonia…

  1. Congratulations on the award. I won an award from them 2 years ago. It was a nice event, very long, but a nice event. Once again, congrats and keep up the good work.

  2. Mark…thanks…the ceremony was long…the local award winners had short speeches…Anthony J. Bajdek, the national award winner, spoke for close to an HOUR…

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