BFA: Planting trees and down on the farm

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Saturday was one of those B-F days I love…between participating in a mass tree planting and touring the Wilson Street Urban Farm, I couldn’t help but to feel energized about the neighborhood.  (My muscles still hurt…)

A nice crowd of people showed up to both lend a hand in planting trees on Lombard, Clark, Gibson and Peckham Streets and take a tour of the Wilson Street Urban Farm with Mark and Janice Stevens.

A special shout out to Yuri Hreshchyshyn for putting together the tree planting and allowing B-F-A to add a tour of the Wilson Street Urban Farm to the back-end of the planting.  I think if there is ever a monument erected to Yuri in B-F, it should be of  him sitting on a backhoe.

If everything progesses for the Stevenses the way it should, work will begin on Wilson Street between Broadway and Sycamore in the coming months to transform the land into a farm.  There are still i’s to be dotted and t’s to be crossed over the next week or so, but everything is looking like it is going to be a go…awesome.  BFA will keep you posted as everything develops.

Thank you to all who came out and lent a hand in tree planting and took the tour of the farm.

I justed wanted to add one last thing.  The power of the internet…

Once the story broke about the Wilson Street Urban Farm, it spread like wildfire across CyberBuffalo and people rallied in support of the Stevenses’ efforts.  That is the beauty of the internet…it allowed for immediate action in helping take up the cause.  This is something that wasn’t even possible ten years ago…the internet is a vehicle to give people like you and me a voice and the power to connect with others like nothing else in history.


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