God, Saint Anthony, City Hall, The Aud, Ziggy and Me

Today was a crazy day…I just snapped some photos along the way.

I had a meeting at Buffalo City Hall…stopped in Saint Anthony’s behind said city hall to say a few prayers before the meeting which was about the Broadway Market…as far as meetings go, ones of the Broadway Market variety need some divine guidance…after the meeting, off to Ziggy’s on Main Street to pick up dinner and home for an hour or two, than back downtown for another meeting at the Swannie House, but I stopped at the Aud…you see pictures of the demo, but nothing is like seeing it up, close and personal…I was struck by the number of people who also stopped while I was there…it reminded me of a wake, people coming to pay their final respects to an old friend…if you haven’t had the op to see the Aud as it is coming down, you should go before it is gone.

Unfortunately, my camera batteries petered out while shooting the Aud…I wanted to take a photo or two of the Swannie House…so it goes.

4 thoughts on “God, Saint Anthony, City Hall, The Aud, Ziggy and Me

  1. The De-construction of the Aud fascinates me too. It’s funny the amount of ghosts that gave a largely non-desript place a load of personality. Even in it’s decapitated state I can still “See” things from inside like it was yesterday.

  2. It has been a weird experience watching it come down…I do wish Bass Pro would have incorporated part of it in their store…so it goes.

  3. Kevin…I worked for Ziggy’s when it used to be in Main Place Mall back in the 80s…I like that I live 5 minutes away now…


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