Returning Vets…

Sometimes I need a story to remind me of what our returning war veterans go through…

From CNN

For veteran Jeremy Grisham, clearing heavy brush with an ax in the woods near Seattle is a way to “work out demons.”

Like many other vets returning from deployment overseas, Grisham, a medical corpsman, came back from Iraq seared by memories of war and unsure about how to re-enter civilian life.

The story from CNN is about a cool program in the State of Washington called the Veterans Conservation Corps

More from the story…

The program gets “younger veterans involved so that they have a new mission when they come back from overseas. A lot of them get lost in a variety of problems, and we wanted to capture as many of them as possible — get them involved in something meaningful,” Fischer adds. “Outdoor work is healing.”

What a cool idea and great way to help transition veterans back to their lives.

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