Turn my stomach

From MSNBC via Reuters…

More than 20,000 Tamil civilians were killed in the final days of Sri Lanka’s military operation to defeat Tamil Tigers rebels, The Times newspaper reported on Friday.


And this related story

Sri Lanka – Lakshmi Rasamy reached through the barbed wire enclosing this displacement camp, grabbed her mother’s hand and wept for her four children who were killed in the last spasm of fighting in Sri Lanka’s civil war.

Around her, other camp residents searched the crowd outside for their loved ones and spoke of families split apart by the chaos, of sons detained by the military, of illness, injury and death.

While Sri Lanka celebrates its military victory over the Tamil Tiger rebels after a quarter-century of warfare, nearly 300,000 ethnic Tamils who were driven from their homes and trapped in the war zone are struggling to come to terms with the scars of the fighting.

Shocking and Awful…

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