Penguins wing their way back into the series


Last night’s game three of the Stanley Cup Finals was the best of the series so far…the Penguins picked it up a notch and showed that they can play with the Red Wings.  The game though could have went either way.

My biggest fear going into the game was that the Red Wings would win and the series would be all but over…I am selfish…I want this thing to go long…hockey GOOD.  Detroit is good…scary good…they have very few breakdowns during a game, but hopefully, Pittsburgh has gotten it into their Penguin minds exactly what it is going to take to make a series out of it…that is what I wanted to see out of them in game three, the ability to pick it up to match the Red Wings…they did. 

Game four is Thursday…if we get another game like game three, I will be happy.

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