BFA: Garlic scapes for sale via Wilson Street Urban Farm…

How cool is this…from Mark Stevens of Wilson Street Urban Farm fame…

We have plenty of garlic scapes for sale at $5.50/lb or $.50 for a bundle of 5. The scapes are the seed heads of the garlic that grow up a stalk. I must cut these off of all my garlic plants to make the root grow large. They are wonderful in stir-fries, salad dressings, grind them up and smear them on roasts, basically anything you use garlic for. Their flavor is slightly milder than aged garlic cloves. They are greeen, fresh and wonderful! I have been known to put them sliced in a fresh salad, and my children will eat them raw out of the garden.

Because we do not have a stand at this time, those interested in buying some should come to the front door of 812 Fillmore Ave and ring the bell.  Someone is usually home.

You may call ahead to place an order (853-7316), or just show up and I’ll pick it for you fresh.

Awesome…economic development of a different kind!

[above originally posted on BFA]

Additional thoughts…it is going to be projects like this that help neighborhoods like B-F reverse the trend of years of decline…innovation.

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