Old County Hall and Kevin Hardwick Part II

Disclaimer: I am working on Kevin’s campaign…

With anything I do in helping out here in WNY, I help people or causes I believe in…I help because I want see things change.

The Erie County Legislature is a mirror of the politcal dysfunction we see throughout New York…a place where politics is first and people like me are last.

I believe the good doctor will bring a no nonsense and common sense approach to legislative branch of Erie County.

The sad reality of the legislature is that the Dem majority is legislating with the intent of getting Chris Collins out of office in 2011…their decisions are based on this premise…their decisions aren’t based on what is wrong or right for Erie County, but what is politically expedient for the Dems. Where has that got us over the years?

Kevin’s proposal in the video above works towards the goal of making the legislature less political in the way it does business…we need more of that here in WNY.


One thought on “Old County Hall and Kevin Hardwick Part II

  1. I vote candidate, not party, So the D & R stuff usually doesn’t phase me, especially in local politics. For me it is personal. as in send my rep (Kevin’s opponent) a positive email and get a two word reply in a week. Send a missive questioning the rationale on her voter protection law and ask for clarification, and wait for a reply. As in waiting two and a half months now. Not much visibility here. Maybe she doesn’t like my town, I don’t know. Perchance time for a change, someone who might be a little more receptive? I’ll be watching this Kevin guy. Might be an improvement.

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