The Press, Obama and control

I read this very interesting assesment of Obama and the press in of all places Vanity Fair from Michael Wolf…

From the piece

They have been handed a most remarkable historical moment—in which they get to remake the media in their own image. They have the power and they are the subject. These people in this White House are in greater control of the media than any administration before them.

You have to look at what is happening in the media today…the entire industry is being reshaped right before our eyes…Wolfe correctly notes that with virtually all other traditional press either failing or in limbo, the celebrity press is on the rise…makes you wonder if we are seeing the beginning of end of serious journalism in the mainstream media.

The White House definitely knows what it is doing…but thank rOD for Helen Thomas.

One thought on “The Press, Obama and control

  1. Obama thinks you’re stupid-
    he thinks everyone is as stupid as the people that voted for him.

    He makes the loosest, most general statements possible, to attempt to imply that Bush is responsible for all the rampant spending because it started under him.

    He lies and changes his story at-will on everything from his cabinet’s ethics to whether or not he ever met with Blago to discuss his senate seat, meanwhile the press is occupied with stories on his puppy vetting process and how Barack likes to play basketball.

    And Obama could care less if you catch him lying or flip-flopping too, he just changes the subject and moves right-on-along.

    Obama wants the state to be your mother and father- and it’s his right to lie to you if he wishes… just like your parents when you were five.

    Government will be one you come to for money, ask permission when you want to think or speak, and who handles all your finances for you since of course you can’t be trusted.

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