F a k e


For whatever reason, seeing these fake rocks has really been bothering me lately.

They don’t look real…they stick out wherever placed…they are everywhere.

Above was taken in plaza on Sheridan Drive…as you can see, an actual slab of concrete was poured for this rock adding to the fakeness.

4 thoughts on “F a k e

  1. Yeah, the whole power source thing caught me before the blantantly fake slate did. Maybe there is another on the next block and they are actually speakers.

  2. We had one of these down in front of the Mississippi St. Savarino Building. It was used to store maintenance equipment (salt, rake, lawnmower, etc.), though I don’t know why the one pictured above would need to be wired. Unless maybe it also acts as an electrical outlet for a mower or weedwhacker?

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