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As I was wandering around the B-lo today, I snapped a couple of pics of more fake rocks.  I reported on the growing number of these around WNY a few weeks back.

The first picture was captured at a bank in the glorious suburb of Amherst…the second was down Canal Side way.

I am beginning to think that there is something more to this whole fake rock thing than meets the eye.

Take the first picture…why is there a camera in the fake rock?  Who is behind the lense?  What do they want to see or what are they looking for?

The second pic is right out in the open at Canal Side…weird because Canal Side is a fake recreation of the the canal district that was once there.

Coincidence??? Or are the sudden appearance of all of these fake rocks part of something bigger?

Creepy if you ask me…all the fake rocks are identical too.

2 thoughts on “F A K E PART II: CONSPIRACY

  1. you are the only one watching the Buff! find out what the deal is! INVESTIGATIVE RESEARCH!

  2. Hard to see in that first pic, but to me it looks like one of those remote water meter transceivers that ECWA was installing on all the houses a few years ago.

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