Anthony Bourdain, Ulrich’s and Buffalo

First…I thought Anthony Bourdain’s Buffalo segment on his No Reservations Rust Belt show last night was the weekest of the three cities featured…I was disappointed.

The Baltimore and Detroit segments seemed to capture a lot more of what his show is about.

Overall…I liked it…the draw for me to Bourdain is his ability to really give you a feeling as to where he is and what he is experiencing…you can almost smell and taste the food and share the experience…great boob tube.

As just a matter of coincidence, I took my brother and sister in law on a whirlwind tour around the B-lo yesterday…it included a stop at Ulrich’s…potato pancakes and a braut for me…yum.  I have been going to Ulrich’s since the summer of 1986 when I worked a summer at Trico…if you have never been, you should go.  One of the pics above shows a sign from Ulrich’s featuring a countdown to Bourdain’s show last night…pretty cool.

The rest of the pics above are a just a sampling of some of the places I visited today.

I love this CRAZY town of ours.

I also loved this catch phrase he came up with for the B-lo earlier in the year

From the pages of Buffalo Rising came this link about Anthony Bourdain’s thoughts on the B-lo

I think we may have found a new catch phrase for our beloved city courtesy of Mr. Bourdain.

Buffalo, “A weirdly wonderful place.”

Works for me and is so very true.



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