Of Asses and Elephants: Whinin’ and Dinin’ Edition


Buffalo Pundit posted a link to a piece by David Frum on the New Majority called Quit Whining.

In the piece, Frum is pretty much on the mark in calling out Republicans for this:

…well suddenly we Republicans cannot seem to remember who preceded Barack Obama in office. To listen to us, you’d think that the bailouts and takeovers started on January 20, 2009, not the previous March. You’d never know that TARP was supported by almost every Republican commentator, including the editors of National Review. Or that Vice President Cheney argued urgently in favor of the rescue of the Detroit automakers. Or that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac enjoyed the backing of Republican as well as Democratic lawmakers.

Whinin’ goes hand in hand with whatever party is not in control…Frum’s piece isn’t a big revelation in that regard.

It wasn’t that long ago Dems were whinin’ about everything W did…just before W, the Repubs were whinin’ about everything Clinton did…it goes round and round and round and round and round.

Ultimately, it is the everyday rejects like us that suffer…governing and legislation are more about the political powers that be rather than what is truly good for the people.  It isn’t about people…it is about power.

Another problem is that way too many people allow themselves to get sucked into the whole polarization game by the left and right…basically blinding themselves to think beyond what is on their voter card.

And what we are left with…

Two political parties whose main interests are staying in and/or acquiring more power with little regard for we da peeps.

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