The good FAILship lollipop

Earlier today I read a post by Buffalo Pundit taking Chris Collins to task for his managerial ways.

I responded there with this:

We have a Dem controlled county legislature that virtually opposes anything he tries to do…not because they think he is wrong…but because they want the office of CE back under Dem control in a couple of years…Erie County politics is like a mini version of what we see in Albany…party and power first…doing the right thing a distant second….my guess is that if we had Dem as CE and the legislature was Repub controlled, we would be reading on lefty local blogs how awful the legislature is because they won’t go along with the CE on his or her plans.

In the end, we all suffer because of the continued partisan and political games we see in local government.


We continuously FAIL in this region and state because of the political games born out of the lust for power to control the varying levels of government.

As I have blogged about a zillion times before, governing and legislating locally are rarely about doing what is right or what is wrong to make things better here…it is about controlling the game of politics.

WNY can’t have this type of leadership anymore, the sad reality is that it will probably never change.

At least I can have fodder for anudder zillion blog posts.

5 thoughts on “The good FAILship lollipop

  1. As I replied in my thread, you’ve missed the point of my post entirely. Chris Collins doesn’t have to behave like an asshole to effect change. In fact, it’s an impediment.

    Also, bad governance is bipartisan in Erie County and Albany. It has to do with the preservation of power rather than partisan oneupsmanship.

  2. I understand the point of your post…my point is that most people who oppose Collins or consistently blast Collins do so because of partisanship more than anything else…

  3. Well, I think you haven’t backed that up with any evidence. (1) Your underlying assumption there is that Collins is always right and his opponents are always wrong; and (2) that the only reason someone would have to oppose Collins would be reflexive partisanship.

  4. Who assumes that Collins is always right? He is obviously not…to think that partisanship doesn’t play a role in opposing him is flat out naive.

  5. If Collins made an even middling attempt at bipartisanship or consensus-building you’d have a point. He doesn’t, so you kinda don’t. Collins is a “my way or the highway” a-hole. Might work great over at Volland, not so much in government.

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