BFA: Never to be seen again!

1163 Broadway...

Poooof….in a cloud of demolition dust, one of the most familiar buildings on Broadway is gone FOREVER.

1163 Broadway was the home to the famous Polish Village and in its later years Shadracks Nite Club…it went quietly….I didn’t hear about it until a phone call a little while ago.  I didn’t even know it was on the demo list.  (click for location on Google Maps)

It sickens me…it breaks my heart…with all the buildings in the neighborhood in much worse shape than this, it doesn’t even begin to make sense to me.

What a joke…what an awful joke!

This building should not have been torn down…that is the bottom line….this is a whole HEAP OF FAIL and indictment of Buffalo’s preservation plan.


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2 thoughts on “BFA: Never to be seen again!

  1. That was my grandparents restaurant, The Polish Village, too often confused with a restaurant of similar name, but not even close to the original one- a little known fact is the sheer number of celebrities who came to the Polish VILLAGE! (no, never to the little restaurant in suburbian hell that shares a similar name!) Liberace, and the likes of that time period as well as many other influential people. My grandmother, Florence was loved by neighborhood and local “big-wigs” and celebrity alike. My father grew up in that structure, the family lived above the restaurant, as most families who owned businesses did, myself inclusive. My family lived above the Buffalo Liquor Mart as I grew up. My father poured his heart and soul into his business, and unfortunately due to neighborhood hazard he was forced out of his lifelong home, just like the rest of us.
    Does it make us numb to such sites- ABSOLUTELY NOT! As I grew up I vowed to try and save the neighborhood that I LOVED, that I GREW UP IN, until adult pessimism takes hold and you feel the hopelessness that the east side encompasses. It cost us all a bit of our hearts and souls each time we witness another abandoned building where our childhood haunts once were. My father eventually suffered a heart attack not long after being forced out of his business, his livelihood and neighborhood. This above all else stands as testament to me that the East Side meant so much to ALL OF US who lived and loved there. It just would have been nice for my father and 95 yr old grandmother to have a little more to remember their once flourishing neighborhood and family business by than the few bricks he was able to salvage and tote around in his van o that day that he drove by the dusty remains of the Polish Village site on Broadway in utter disbelief and broken hearted in a way few will ever experience. Imagine if all the places that comprised your childhood years were all suddenly reduced to rubble, as if they were nothing more than a nuisance to the rest of the world. It would be a tragedy, much like all of us who grew up on the East side during its final “glory days” face on a daily basis. Thank God for groups like the Central Terminal’s Restoration Group, and the “Save St. Adalbert’s” community, for without those, all of my memories would have to exist in memory alone!

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