BFA: Corpus Christi’s Buffalo’s Best Homemade Pierogi Contest Winners

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What a great contest and a lot great recipes…extra bonus for me in organizing the event, I got to sample a lot of the entries!  🙂

The winners from 08/22’s competition!

1st – Eileen Koteras (Blueberry Pierogi)
2nd – Lilly Wisniewski (Potato and Farmer’s Cheese)
3rd – Cynthia Opoka (Kapusta and Mushroom)

Mon Traditional:
1st – Kasia Wrobel (Spinach & Feta)
2nd – Mike Krajewski (Golabki)
3rd – Marilyn Barker (Dilly Pierogi with Lox)

Thank you to all who participated…

A special thank you to our judges…

Maryalice Demler (WGRZ)
Brad Riter (WECK)
Michelle Kearns (Buffalo News)
Christa Seychew (Nickel City Chef & Field and Fork)
Heather Ly (WGRZ)

Look for the Third Buffalo’s Best Homemade Pierogi Contest in 2010!

HT Brad Riter for winning Pierogi pics

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