As for the Bills

If these were the 90s and the Bills’ heyday of that era, it would be easy to get an idea of what the team was going to do in the coming season…heck…even when the Bills were crappy in the 80s, you sort of knew what to expect.

The NFL is a bit different now and so are the Bills.  Honestly, I don’t know what to expect this year.

Last year’s fast start and flat finish were both shockers…

Preseason has hardly been encouraging…the o-line is still a big question mark…Trent Edwards looks like he is still trying to find his way…with T.O. out for most of the preseason, we haven’t gotten a glimpse at what his roll will be.

The bright spot on offense is at tight end…Shawn Nelson and second year guy Jonathan Stupar have put up some decent numbers in preseason and it looks like the position will be better than last year.

The defense looks better…Paul Posluszny looks ready to go this year and be a force…D-back, the Bills have depth…still lacking is a pash rush.

It is though tough to gauge how the Bills are going to be once the regular season starts…your guess is as good as mine as to how it will all shake out.

I hope it shakes out well…

Go Bills!

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