Video: Hardwick vows to make Recall a Reality & why I support Kevin

After Byron Brown wins the Buffalo mayoral primary in a couple weeks, the election 2009 focus locally will likely switch to the legislator races for Erie County. I am supporting Kevin Hardwick in his bid to take away the seat from Michele Iannello. Kevin simply is the kind of person we need in legislature. Someone who is smart and will legislate along lines of what is wrong and right instead of what is right or left and party affiliation. Unfortunately, Ianello is not like that. I am at the point with my politics (especially local politics) that I don’t really care what party someone is from. I support people I feel will be the best to help move things forward here in WNY.

We need more balance in the county legislature…I find it pathetic that the Dem controlled legislature basically says no to everything County Executive Chris Collins comes up with and runs opposition. The opposition for the most part is politcally motivated. Some criticize Collins for trying to cut corners to get around the legislature…I don’t blame him…he understands the game and on certain issues has no alternative.

Check out Kevin Harwdick’s platform here

He can help change the political culture in county hall.

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