Let’s be honest…Mickey never had a chance

Seriously, let’s be honest…Mickey Kearns never a had chance.

As the primary race started to take shape, the chatter locally became more about getting rid of Byron Brown than it was about electing Mickey Kearns.  It is shame that we didn’t get a race with serious debate on the issues plaguing Buffalo.

We will never know who orchestrated the last minute perfectly timed hit to take down Byron Brown in the form of Leonard Stokes, but that was about all Mickey had going heading into the homestretch and ran with it.

All this talk over the last week or so of the race being close was just hogwash.  It eerily reminded of Brown’s first race for mayor 4 years ago and how Kevin Helfer was supposedly “close” as well heading into the final days before the general election.  That race ended in pretty much the same fashion as yesterday’s primary…a Brown landslide.  Makes you wonder about polling.

So now we have Byron Brown for another four years…best of luck to him for success in helping move this crazy city of ours forward.

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