I noticed this before and never got around to blogging about…today I am.

My http://msnbc.com settings point to Buffalo for local news and weather.

The weird part is that http://msnbc.com uses WKBW for its local news feed…strange considering that WKBW is an ABC affiliate….why don’t they pull a feed from NBC’s local affiliate WGRZ?

I wonder if WGRZ knows about this…will email and tell them and let you know what the 2 on your side crew says.

One thought on “Buffalo, MSNBC.COM, WKBW & WGRZ

  1. I was reading the news about the guys with the laser pens. I agree why its a big deal and I agree they should get punished. However I find it at the same time very very VERY sad that you can cause a plane to crash because of a 4 dollar laser pen you bought at Walmart. That’s what millions of dollars of security gets you? Any guy with a laser pen can cause a plane to crash? Wow we’re real advanced! You’d think they’d out fit a plane so it isn’t even and issue. This seems like an issue that would happen back in the day, not 2009. Scary world.

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