Politics and Show Business

First…I love this SNL video from last night…the beauty of SNL is that at times they seem to have a pulse on what American’s are feeling

Second and a tie in to the video is something I heard while watching Meet the Press this morning…a Republican strategist talked about the media and how politics has become show business and distorts any real debate on issues.

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that when Obama entered the White House that right leaning TV and RADIO entertainers would start the assault on the POTUS…it is what sells to the people who watch or listen to their shows. On the flip side and to the left, it didn’t take that long for the entertainment industry to figure out that left people also wanted their own entertainers assaulting the right.

Somehow snarky and over the top commentary has become the standard barer of both sides in debating issues critical to the US…everyone wants to be cool, witty and snarky.

This type of debate is also part of the blog industry and other forms of media.

I think most Americans are sick of it.

Back to SNL…the video above I think depicts what is on the minds of a lot of fellow my countrymen and countrywomen.

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