A beacon of HOPE…


If you are looking for a cool place to go, check out the Karpeles Manuscript Library.

A current incentive to check it out is the new Corpus Christi exhibit on display through 11/29...I also have some photos and other things in the exhibit.

As you know or don’t know, Corpus Christi is my church…I love the place…its people…its mission…it truly is a beacon of hope for my childhood neighborhood of Broadway-Fillmore…that is why I help it out.

A few years ago I decided to leave my former church…not because I was displeased with the church I was attending…but because Corpus Christi felt like home…it was what I grew up with.

I am amazed that more WNY Catholics don’t take a higher level of interest in helping save churches like Corpus Christi and others scattered throughout Buffalo…they are living breathing gems.

A lot of people will argue that a building does not make a church and I agree with that…BUT…I consider places like CC faith enhancers…when you walk in, you can’t help but to feel closer to God.



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