My Five Cents – 10/16/09

Balloon Boy

I sure hope this wasn’t a publicity stunt…but I don’t think we should jump to the conclusion that it was…of course the mainstream media want it to be.

As a side note, the immediacy of information and news in this day and age is amazing.

Buffalo Bills

I want the Bills to beat the heck out of the Jets…don’t know if it is going to happen…if we see another horrible performance outta the team, maybe Jauron will get fired.

Buffalo Sabres

I don’t want to get overly optimistic about the Sabres yet, but one can’t help to be encouraged by what we have seen through four games.  Tyler Myers…he looks like the first honest-to-goodness great rookie in Sabreland since I donut know when.  The team is playing extremely well defensively…Miller has been solid…the offense has been getting the shots and finally broke through against the Red Wings…the biggest things I see is this team is grittier and seems to developing good chemistry early on…both things have been lacking over the last couple of seasons.

Hopefully…all of the above will continue throughout the season.

Buffalo Bulls

Tomorrow the mighty Zips of Akron head to Buffalo as the UB Bulls hit the home field turf for third week in a row (college football schedules are weird)…they are heading into the meat of their schedule conference-wise…of course, I will be there in the upper deck cheering them on.  This team at times looks just as good or better than last year’s version of the Bulls, but what seems to be lacking is consistency.

The team was in a similar position this time last year and had to battle their way to a conference championship and bowl game…maybe Turner Gill and crew can turn on the magic again.

Go Bulls!

Election 2009

To be honest, I thought the Erie County legislator races this year would be garnering a lot more attention this year than they have as Chris Collins looks to get some allies on the county’s legislative body.

It seems after the Brown/Kearns primary race, the local election coverage beyond the B-lo blogosphere has been pretty weak.

Maybe this will change over the next couple of weeks leading up to the general election 11/03.

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