County election races and politics

Do I agree with everything Chris Collins does? No…  One thing I can’t blame him for doing is trying to change the complexion of the Erie County Legislature to one which is more favorable to him.

I’ve written this a zillion times before, but the goal of the Democrat controlled legislature is not to legislate on what they believe is right or wrong with Collins’ proposals or agenda…the goal is to regain control of the county’s top elected office in 2011 for the local Democratic Party.  They have no interest in working with Collins because it isn’t politically fruitful.  The local Republicans would do the same if they controlled the legislature.

The same can be said for the county comptroller race…I like Mark Poloncarz and think he think he has done a great job as comptroller, but again, I don’t blame Chris Collins for throwing his support behind Phil Kadet…for as independent as Poloncarz says he is, he is heavily talked about as being a county executive candidate in 2011.  If that is indeed the case, that does play a role in his relationship with Chris Collins.

Collins gets a lot of criticism for turning into politician since he ran on running county like a business…of course most of this criticism comes from Democrats.  But honestly, how can he not get involved in political aspect of the position when he is constantly attacked politically?

It is a sad state of affairs if you think about for the county…instead of doing what is right for the people of Erie County, we still see an awful lot of what is right politically for elected leaders.  Until this culture changes, we all lose.

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  1. I think most people don’t have time to pay attention to the local races beyond the snips on TV, in the paper, campaign mail or on the radio. Look at the ads and such you get in your mail box about local races…sadly, this forms a lot of folks’ opinions and voting decisions…politicians know this.

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