Buffalo News: Kadet for comptroller


When I finally got a chance to read the Buffalo News today, I was surprised to see that they endorsed Phil Kadet over Mark Poloncarz for Erie County Comptroller.

Though I am a fan of Mark Poloncarz, I have to agree with the Buffalo News’ assessment of what has transpired since Chris Collins took over the helm of Erie County.

From the News…

Unfortunately, Erie County Comptroller Mark C. Poloncarz is thoroughly political. He might make a good county legislator and, someday, maybe even a strong county executive. But his work as comptroller has been weakened by the general sense that he is at war with Erie County Executive Chris Collins.

Spot on…

It looks like the comptroller’s office and the Democrat controlled legislature are working against Collins with 2011 in mind.  It was refreshing to see the Buffalo News pick up on this.

6 thoughts on “Buffalo News: Kadet for comptroller

  1. I thought it was a bunch of bullshit.

    First of all, Mark’s done a great job as comptroller. The only thing Kadet can hit him with is an outright lie regarding an alleged inability to “count” re: 10 MM deficit vs. 10 MM surplus – both numbers way exaggerated. So, Kadet’s a liar.

    Second of all, Kadet has been handpicked by Chris Collins to become comptroller. Collins has held big-ticket fundraisers for Kadet, including one in his house. I don’t see how Kadet’s going to be an independent watchdog for the guy who is singlehandedly responsible for bringing him into office, and I hope I never find out. So, the charge that Kadet won’t be political is laughable. It’s elected office. Of course it’s, in part, political.

    Thirdly, Poloncarz has been more than happy to call out legislative waste and spending when appropriate.

    If your big bugaboo is that Poloncarz is “thoroughly political” what, precisely, makes you think that Kadet, or especially Collins, aren’t?

  2. I think it was spot on.

    Mark has done a great job, but politics definitely plays a role.

    I don’t blame Collins for supporting candidates he feels he can work with. Collins has to play politics to achieve his goals in county government. The idea that because he ran and was elected on running the county more like a business somehow excludes or prevents him from entering into the political fray of county government is tired. He has no choice but to.

  3. But how can you then criticize the fact that Poloncarz is political? Collins is political, too. They’re both political. So is Kadet. Therefore, you can’t make the “Poloncarz is political, therefore I’m voting Kadet” argument with any credibility.

    The only reasons one might want to vote for Kadet are: 1. he’s a CPA – something completely irrelevant for the job of Comptroller, which is largely administrative, but I’ll grant you that; or 2. you want someone who will be friendlier to the County Executive. That’s all well and good until Collins puts pressure on Kadet, reminding him who got him elected in the first place.

  4. I never said I was going to vote either way, but the notion that Mark Poloncarz is an “Independent Watchdog” is silly…maybe a codependent watchdog, but definitely not independent. The B-News recognizes this for what it is and how it plays into how Poloncarz deals with Collins.

    I don’t care if either play politics…what I care about is when it plays into holding back moving the county forward

  5. It’s not the comptroller’s job to hold the county back from moving forward or to move it forward. His job is to make sure no one – not the CE, not the Leg, not the county employees – is wasting money, and to report and comment on budgetary issues. He doesn’t make policy.

  6. You are absolutely right it is not his job, but by playing politics it becomes part of the equation.

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