Lenny endorses Hardwick

Lenny the Buffalo pretty much lives as a recluse now. He occasionally comes out of seclusion to support causes, people and things he likes.

A few days ago he gave me a ring and asked how he could help out Kevin Hardwick’s run for Erie County legislator. I invited him to a lit drop yesterday.

I told Lenny not be a stranger and that I miss working with him on different projects…maybe I can convince him to be less of a recluse.

4 thoughts on “Lenny endorses Hardwick

  1. I forgot about your friend Lenny. What doe he think about the Ianello scandal? Did you see the article in the buffalo news about her and the uaw?

  2. Lenny…well…Lenny just stuck to the task at hand which was doing the lit drop…we didn’t talk much about anyone except Kevin Hardwick and how he wants to see him win.

    Maybe Lenny will come out of seclusion and let me shoot more video.

  3. I am proud to receive the backing of Lenny. My only regret is that he did not endorse sooner, as I would have liked to have included him in my radio spots.

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