Raise the Hammer in Hamilton


I clicked upon this cool Hamilton, Ontario blog this morning by chance.

Found this interesting post comparing Buffalo to Hamilton on it by Lorne Opler…he used to live in Buffalo and now lives in the steel city to the north.

From the post…

The similarities are stark – both rust-belt cities struggling to reinvent themselves in the 21st century. Both cities were once upon a time strong manufacturing towns identified with heavy industry and a large blue collar workforce. Both share glorious pasts, downtowns that were once teeming with people, and architecture that showed off their respective turn of the century neighborhoods.

That would be Hamilton and Detroit? Hamilton and Cleveland? No, I’m referring to Hamilton and Buffalo, our blue-collar cousin to the south. As a former resident of Buffalo and now a recent transplant to Hamilton (via Toronto), I frequently find myself walking through the Hammer and making mental comparisons between both burghs. The common bonds are striking.

Check the rest out here—>

Changing the subject just a bit…I have written many times about how Buffalo needs to embrace and take our relationship with Southern Ontario to to a new level.  The mass of people living between Buffalo and Toronto is one of the largest in North America.

Look north my friends…look north.

One thought on “Raise the Hammer in Hamilton

  1. I ended up driving through Hamilton on Sunday and thinking that the city looked pretty similar to Buffalo, except for the massive manufacturing plants still in operation.

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