Thanksgiving weekend leftovers

Gobble Gobble

Some stuff I wanted to blog about over the last few days but didn’t get a chance to do…

Child Porn


That is the number of “images depicting children of less than 18 years of age engaged in sexually explicit conduct” found on the computer of CEPA’s Executive Director Lawrence Brose.

It looks like he is going to use the Peter Townshend research defense as the reason he had the kiddie porn.

You would think this guy would have enough sense to get some counsel before doing his research on the implications of obtaining child porn.

Da Bills

It was just nice to see the Bills kick some Dolphin fin yesterday at the Ralph.  In the grand scheme of the 2009 football season, does it matter?  Probably not…but as dismal as this season has been, I want the want the Bills to win.

Fred Jackson…I thought about this when the Bills bottomed out a few weeks ago…he needs to play more…he seems to play well regardless of what is going on with the o-line.  I didn’t like it when Marshawn Lynch came back that the coaching staff cut back Jackson’s playing time a lot.   His production warrants more playing time…he did start over Lynch yesterday…I suspect we may see more of that before the season ends.

New York State

Want to fix the state?  We need it to go belly up…we need it reorganized…we need to rebuild state government  from the bottom up.  That will never happen so we will be locked into the problems we see in perpetuity.

One idea I liked that could help things is having all the upstate assembly type people and state senators form a voting block regardless of political affiliation to battle downstate stranglehold on state government.  The block wouldn’t have to vote together on every issue, but could come up with some core issues and an upstate agenda to help make the state work better for upstaters.

Being a Buffalo sports fan

Check out my friend Kevin’s post over at his BfloBlog sports type blog on on…good stuff.

It is easy to get sucked into all the negatives about our beloved Buffalo teams, but in the end we are FANS.

Ja Fa Fa Hots BACK?

Ja Fa Fa Hots

Snapped this on my way home from church yesterday…looks like Ja Fa Fa is back in some form…the Just Pizza sign was replaced with MOST Pizza with the Ja Fa Fa add on.

Will have to explore…YUM.

If you don’t recall, Ja Fa Fa Hots closed a couple of years ago.

Camaro me please

Camaro ME!

Snapped the above yesterday as well…I needs to gets me one.


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  1. Where do we draw the line as to what is art research and what is not?

    I want the Camaro too!

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