Now that’s GAY…


Come on…we live in a world with all kinds people…being gay and loving someone of the same sex isn’t a bad thing…being gay isn’t a bad thing…people who love each other should be allowed to get married regardless if they are the same sex or not.

What are a lot of people scared of by allowing gay marriages?  I don’t know.

Heck…I don’t even care if people want to marry multiple people…who are we to judge others?

There are sick f’n people from all walks of life

4 thoughts on “Now that’s GAY…

  1. Here’s the fundamental problem, taking all of the ideology out of the mix….. the word marriage means two different things. It is a religious term/sacrament but it is also a legal term. I believe that most opponents of gay marriage object on a religious grounds….but that group is loud enough to concern the lawmakers about making a change on the legal side.

  2. And those that oppose it based on religious reasons need a refresher course on separation of church and state.

  3. there is a practical argument against multiple marriages with our current legal system. say that there is a marriage between 2 people who want 2 other people to join their household in a marriage (essentially a merger of corporations). now say that 1 of these people wants out of 1 marriage but wants to stick with the other 2- and then it gets messy. think of the standstill our court system would come to with these situations.

    other than that, live and let live.

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