Will Skyway Side be a success?

(Love groovy rendering videos…)

Will Canal Side Skyway Side be a success?

The enouraging part of this project is that appears to be the political will to get it done.

The scary part is the unknown…we have heard too many times in Buffalo’s past about the build and they will come scenarios.  Will it be a draw to anyone except WNYers?  Of course all the politicians line up to reassure us that the project is a go and we will see this and that in the coming years, but we have to remember that they have been reassuring us since 2004 that Bass Pro will open in _____ (fill in the blank with year) numerous times.


There has been progress.  The Aud coming down…the commercial slip…cool boardwalk, etc.  are all encouraging.


Is this going to be a magic draw for people outside the region?


Is this just going to shuffle the ever decreasing pot of money around locally?

Only time will tell.

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