Turner Gill is gone…now what???


Turner Gill turned around UB’s struggling football program…no if ands or buts about it…now what for UB football after his departure?

While a lot of the success us UB fans saw on the field came from Gill, a lot of the credit also needs to go to Warde Manuel, UB’s Athletic Director…honestly…I would have been more nervous if he left instead Gill.

I like that he is going to do a search for a new coach and didn’t automatically commit to someone already on the staff.

Manuel had the vision to bring Gill on board…I suspect he has the vision to also find a capable replacement to keep the football program growing.  He has a lot at stake in making sure UB football remains at the level we have seen for the last few years.  Even if it means hiring someone already (Danny Barrett) on the staff, I don’t think we are going to see a drop off in what the program is trying to do.

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