Will UB win with Quinn?


Well…we won’t really know until the team hits the field, but I like the choice for coach.  Ward Manuel could have taken the easy way out and went with Danny Barrett who is already on the staff, but he didn’t.  He recognizes that he needed a coach who can continue to push the program forward.  It shows UB is committed to football.

Jeff Quinn brings a lot of experience, comes with a good reputation and has been involved with winning teams throughout his career.  I also think this may aid recruiting efforts for UB considering the offenses he has put together at both Central Michigan and Cincinnati.  The spread offense will definitely be a hit with UB fans.

Turner Gill’s star was already rising when he came to town…I get the feeling that Quinn may be looking to land somewhere for the long haul.  If he is successful, that could be great for UB.

Quinn also lands in da B-lo with a team that isn’t bad at all…it isn’t the building project Gill faced.  He is charged with keeping the success on the field rolling.

The school will formally introduce Quinn tomorrow at UB with a 2 pm presser.

Go Bulls!

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