Video: Kevin Hardwick swearing in ceremony – 01/01/2010

One of the Byrdlights from 2009 was being on Kevin Hardwick’s Kitchen Cabinet for his successful run at unseating Michele Iannello as the 10th District Erie County Legislator…he had a great group of people behind him managing the campaign…it is an experience I will never forget and was glad I could play a role in helping him get elected.

2010 will be an interesting year in the Erie County Legislature…anyone who knows Kevin knows that he will bring a no nonsense common sense approach to county hall….we need more people like him doing the people’s business instead of giving people the business.

Helping him also continued my evolution as to where I am politically…especially on a local level. I know some people think he will be some sort of lackey for Chris Collins, but I threw my support and talents behind him because WNY needs more good people in government who will legislate and lead not based solely on party affiliation…people who will lead based on what is right and wrong.

And Kevin Hardwick will lead…

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