Almost everyday I will read a story reminding me that there are a lot of humans on the planet who are woefully ignorant and downright evil.

Take the story on the front page of the Buffalo News today which details two alleged hate crime cases as an example.

From it…

Lindsay C. Harmon said she and two friends were minding their own business as they walked out of Roxy’s, a lesbian nightclub, at about 2 a.m. Friday to head home when two women, in the company of four men, shouted gay slurs at them and then attacked them.


The attack occurred a little more than 12 hours after two Buffalo women were arrested on hate crime charges for attacking a 20-year-old man they allegedly claimed was gay in the Walden Galleria parking lot.

And it is not just crimes like the above…I often wonder how much of this type of hate goes unreported or simply tolerated.

Ignorance is not bliss

Speaking of ignorance…the illuminating comment section of the Buffalo News online in the above story and others allows you to peer into ignorant minds of many WNYers…nice.

One thought on “Gay HATERS…

  1. I agree. Hate crime is just plain sick and there are people with some weird opinions out there. It just shows you how little progress has been made in the minds of the majority of people.

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