Paterson schtick = FAIL

I know a lot of folks out there are praising and buying Gub Paterson’s stance on reforming New York govment and taking a hard line against Albany status quo, but…

This guy has been part of the good fail ship Albany for far too long to take him seriously.

It is a SCHTICK…

Let’s see…the Gub’s back is against the wall with Andrew Cuomo waiting in the wings to move into the Gub’s Mansion in 2011…his only hope…become a reformist who is calling out everyone in the state capitol…a lot of what he is ranting a raving about changing the culture in Albany is all well and good, but me thinks he wouldn’t be ranting raving if his poll numbers showed him ahead of Cuomo…translation = this about all he has in hopes of retaining the state’s top political seat.

I finally had the chance to read his state of the state speech today.

From a WNY perpective, he thinks we are downstate’s biotch…

From the speech

Now, we also have to address the decades in which Upstate New York has suffered in recession – long before the rest of New York and the country got there.

We will do it by extending the Erie Canal Research and Development Corridor.

Also, we want to make Upstate the back office for corporate America – particularly the franchises that are located downstate.

This region is clearly one that has demonstrated that they have what the rest of the country doesn’t have, which is available housing stock, with close-by schools, natural beauty, and the untouched small towns that families would cherish. We have to go back to promoting it that way.

Also, the effort we are making for sustainable communities, with thousands of housing stock laying dormant in cities like Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse. We will develop that housing stock into affordable housing – starting with Buffalo, which right now has 23,000 vacant units.

Translation = We know that upstate can’t be anything more than call center, debt collection central for corporate America and the power brokers in NYC.  That’s the future I envision for you.

That’s all he’s got…we are doomed.

Time to revisit breaking New York in two with Sloan, New York as the capital of the state of Back Office York.

F A I L!

One thought on “Paterson schtick = FAIL

  1. I don’t buy his ‘schtick’ either.

    As a Democrat, I am disappointed with the state party. Andrew Cuomo is not the answer.

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