Guess who is classy?

I is classy

Ok let’s see…

I can run people over and I am not talking about on the field…I can carry guns…I can steal $20.00 from women at bars…I like cannabis…I am a millionaire…have you figured out who this classy person is yet?

Yep, you are right…it is Marshawn Lynch, running back for the Buffalo Bills…he is as classy as they come.

My only concern now with the report of the $20.00 incident is that this could really mess up or lessen the value of him in any attempt to get him out of the B-lo in a trade for something of value.

Stay classy #23…

2 thoughts on “Guess who is classy?

  1. Let’s see, non factor all season, in fact more he sat, the better Fred got, and more of this stuff. I think Buddy can ship him for draft choices and still come out ahead

  2. Mike…I agree…what a bust. Kills me that these guys who are in the position to play in the NFL set themselves up to fail or don’t recognize what they have to lose.

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