Sometimes the bulb goes on

Sometimes it does…I mean really.

A couple of days ago I posted on Harry Reid’s comments in 2008 about Barack Obama.

Yesterday Mike in WNY commented

What exactly is Reid guilty of? Making an observation that he believes explains the vote in the last Presidential election? Reid has done plenty of tangible things that deserve heaps of criticism, violating political correctness is not one of them.

Then I tuned into Sandy Beach on the way back to the Byrd’s nest today and he was talking about “gotcha politics” and how is sick of it referring to the Reid situation.  It made me think about what Mike had written.

That is when the bulb turned on for me.

I try to avoid being part of the gotcha mentality, but I admit it is easy to fall into…I have and probably will again.   Occasionally though, I need a reminder like I received from both Mike and Sandy.

Getting involved in the whole gotcha aspect of things without looking beyond the reality of the situation or context in which something is said or done is just plain dumb.


I will try to stay above the fray.  There is too much of the gotcha thing going on in media, blogs and everywhere…it just adds white noise and detracts from what we should really be paying attention to.


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