Buffalo’s Pizza Scene = Awesome!

The Buffalo and WNY pizza scene is a happening place.

While watching the Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives” last night that featured North Tonawanda’s Pizza Junction, I couldn’t help but think what a great place for pizza WNY is. The Pizza Junction is a testament to that.

We all have our favorites…the mom and pop places that separate us from the metro areas who idea of good za is Pizza Hut or Papa Johns.

I know WNYers appreciate what we have here in our Pizzatopia, but I think it something we don’t celebrate it enough.  You have to try really hard to get a bad pie in this area.

People tend to look to NYC or Chicago as za holy lands, but I tell you what, Buffalo pizza stands up to anything either of those places offer.

The sheer diversity alone in the number of pizza joints we have is amazing…add in the the sheer diversity of the varieties of pizza we have, it is a truly an incredible pizza scene here in the B-lo.

Me…I am fond of Bocce’s…the old school place on Clinton Street near Jefferson Avenue (see above pic) and Bocce’s on Bailey in Amherst.

But that is just the beginning of our pizza story here…what joints do you hold near and dear?

4 thoughts on “Buffalo’s Pizza Scene = Awesome!

  1. Going to the Clinton Street Bocce’s has always been an interesting experience…some of my early memories are going there with my dad to pick up za…it hasn’t changed much in since I was a wee little Chris.

  2. Bozanna’s…their pizza is evil…I have to mentally prepare for the za from them…but good nonetheless.

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