Adventures with my lazy eye…

As you know or maybe donut know, I am blind in one eye and it is lazy as all heck…wanders all over the place at times.

Over the years, the eye has caused the Byrd life to get into some sticky situations.

The most recent occurred at the Broadway Market last week…I was waiting in line to get some kielbasa from Camellia’s and someone else waiting next to me was not too pleased that my blind eye was staring at them.  After a few choice comments by the other person, I explained that I am blind in one eye and I can’t control who it wants to look at…the person apologized.

I have had many of these situations pop up over the years…at least once or twice a year…my favorite was waiting in line for some beer at a Bills game and some drunken idiot thought this drunken idiot was staring at his g-friend…he would have none of my lazy eye tale. That one almost came to blows when I told the drunken idiot I didn’t think there would be many guys checking out his g-friend so get over it.

Most people are polite about it when I tell them about my eye after they have encountered the stare.

Which brings me to my theme song by the B-lo’s own Goo Goo Dolls…of course I love it because of my Broadway-Fillmore roots and my lazy eye.

So if we meet in person and seems like I am staring at you…it could be that my lazy eye is having fun with you.

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