Change we can barf about

I doesn’t take the political machines long to pick up on and start using key words to try to sell us dummies in the electorate on their bulls**t.

Yesterday a interesting piece of mail made its way to the Byrd’s nest promoting this…as much as I think the great Alb of Ny needs change, I am not at all convinced that the state’s Democratic Senate Campaign Committee are the one’s to do it.

I am thoroughly convinced that the change we need in New York isn’t going to come from either the Asses or the Elephants.

Heck…come November, do any of us really think anything in Albany is going to change drastically enough to make any sort of a difference.

Albany…like Washington…like Western New York is controlled politically by people who don’t really care about us…Ass or Elephant.

I ain’t no genius, but me not so dumb thats I cans not see through all the crap.

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